LoveBomb Go-Go


What will you do?-

To mark the passing of the years? To contribute to the world at large- or just your neighborhood? What will you do to challenge the status quo? To explore new musical galaxies? To put the performance into performance art? To re-join art and entertainment? To feed into the grassroots movements and DIY cultures that spring up around the globe with fresh answers for when society becomes bogged down? To probe the metaphysical questions that John Coltrane pondered? What will you do?

We started a band.

Clad in silver and white, LoveBomb Go-Go of Portland, Oregon: Intergalactic freaks on a mission to mend, with music, the divisions of civilization; seeking universal equality and striving, even, to re-establish purposefulness for each and every life.

LoveBomb Go-Go has had the pleasure of performing on stage with The Flaming Lips, The Dandy Warhols, The Coup, Tao and the Get Down Stay Down, Leftover Salmon  and more. They've opened for acts as diverse as Rebirth Brass Band, Delhi 2 Dublin, Naughty By Nature, The Red Elvises, Beats Antique, Sir Mix-A-Lot and Hot 8 Brass Band. They've performed at Bumbershoot, Folk Life, What The Festival, Portland's Waterfront Blues Festival, Beloved Festival and as an official band at Burning Man Festival. They've forged two tours to New Orleans and were the darlings of Mardi Gras in both 2016 and 2017 where they performed in multiple parades; at the premier secret society event, Mom's Ball; and at a number of classic venues including One Eyed Jack's in the French Quarter. There's no telling where they'll show up next!


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