LoveBomb Go-Go


What will you do?-

To mark the passing of the years? To contribute to the world at large- or just your neighborhood? What will you do to challenge the status quo? To explore new musical galaxies? To put the performance into performance art? To re-join art and entertainment? To feed into the grassroots movements and DIY cultures that spring up around the globe with fresh answers for when society becomes bogged down? To probe the metaphysical questions that John Coltrane pondered? What will you do?

We started a band.

Clad in silver and white, LoveBomb Go-Go of Portland, Oregon: Intergalactic freaks on a mission to mend, with music, the divisions of civilization; seeking universal equality and striving, even, to re-establish purposefulness for each and every life.

Now we enter the third year of our band’s life- having in the space of one short year gone from street performance to playing for 13,000 at the World Naked Bike Ride, from Monday night at Burgerville to warming up for Grammy Award winners Rebirth Brass Band, from out of the blue to playing Seattle’s popular Folklife and Bumbershoot festivals.


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