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If it wasn't already apparent, LoveBomb Go-Go is not your typical extraterrestrial band. We play only original music drawn from many influences including Balkan brass bands, the second line street bands of New Orleans, DIY projects from all over the world, and the avant stylings of 60s and 70s American groups like Parliament Funkadelic and the Sun Ra Arkestra. We have a fully acoustic, instrumental set that we can perform anywhere there is room to stand (and dance), as well as a stage set featuring vocal tunes, electric bass, and a battering ram of horns and percussion. We have entertained audiences on sidewalks, parade routes, in clubs and theaters. From the street corner by Voodoo Doughnuts to the stage of the Crystal Ballroom, we ignite the love.

Performance Setup

  • On Stage: Check out our LBGG Stage Plot.pdf for detailed layout info.

  • Off Stage (parades, in-crowd, on the street, etc.): For street performances, we have a portable PA cart to augment the low end (sousaphone, bass drum). Otherwise we manage just fine acoustically... we are a mobile band, after all.

Press Kit

See our Press Kit for our bio and other fun materials!

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