Spring Space Attack: A Glam Extravaganza

LoveBomb Go-Go is throwing a party on March 14th, Outer Space style! That means that absolutely no glitter will be spared. This event will be glamtastic, glamerific-- not to mention glamazing!

The band is about to embark on their first full-length tour, with performance stops in Los Angeles; Austin, TX; New Orleans; Santa Fe & Albquerque, NM; Galveston, TX; Tempe, AZ and more.

In Outer Space, going on tour is a simple matter of programming the Mothership and heading off to galaxies unknown. But here on Planet Earth finances have to be taken into account. It’s hard for most bands to break even on tour, but traveling with a band and staff of 18 people blows the budget right out the space-fuel injectors.

LoveBomb Go-Go approaches this problem by doing what they do best—performing! Come to our Spring Space Attack party for the usual LBGG mind-blowing action and help us spread the LoveBombs across the nation all at the same time!

The doors open at 9:00 PM at Portland’s Bossanova Ballroom. We’ve got some performance buddies on hand to get the action started:

Tonality*Star's blend of laser and fog will completely captivate your senses.

Los Estupidos’ Latin/Afro mix will funk your feet into dancing action.

DJ Sesquis will pull the night together with his ingenious mix!

Tickets for this party are just $10 and you can buy them here. The dress code is glitter and shine!

Join the conversation at our Facebook event page!

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